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Interface Atropic, 2016

Exhibited at:
IVAHM. International Videoart Festival. La Neomudéjar. Madrid. Spain.2017
Entropía. CMAE. Avilés. Spain. 2016
< Symbiotic Interaction, 2016-2017
Environment Dress 2.0, 2015 >


Our work as art group brings together a collection of works and projects in which we study the interrelations and intersections that occur between machines and the human being.

We approach these issues in different kind of pieces: Interactive installations, sound interventions, multimedia pieces, etc. However, the support is not more than one channel that canalize the project itself.

A transversal and interdisciplinary research where the machine, far from a cold body, acts as an integrating factor, multiplying human capacities for equal us to other living beings or mechanical things already equipped with them.

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